Laravel Plugin

The Laravel Plugin for Pest gives your direct access to Laravel's testing API in your test files.

Source code:

Install the plugin using Composer:

composer require pestphp/pest-plugin-laravel --dev


You may import and use the functions under the Pest\Laravel namespace to have easy access Laravel's testing API. As example, the get function makes a GET request into the application:

use function Pest\Laravel\get;

it('has a welcome page', function () {

Tests without description

Also with the Laravel plugin, tests can be written without description. This lets you write even simpler tests than before:

use function Pest\Laravel\get;


Note that Pest will automatically generate a description for these tests:

✓ get '/' → assertStatus 200

To import multiple functions, wrap them in curly brackets like so:

use function Pest\Laravel\{get, getJson};



Once again, Pest will generate a description for each test:

✓ get '/' → assertStatus 200
✓ getJson 'api/posts' → assertStatus 200

Remember, for the full list of available Laravel testing methods, please refer to the Laravel documentation.

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