Editor Setup

An editor plugin can significantly enhance the developer experience when working with Pest PHP. Although most editors have built-in support for Pest PHP, plugins can offer additional functionalities that can streamline and simplify the development process.

Currently, the PhpStorm team at JetBrains is maintaining the Pest Plugin for PhpStorm. It is installed by default since PhpStorm 2023.3.

PhpStorm logo
PhpStorm https://github.com/pestphp/pest-intellij

In case you do not utilize PHPStorm, you may consider experimenting with the community-maintained plugin. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that this alternative may not offer the same level of user experience as the official PHPStorm plugin.

VSCode logo
VSCode https://github.com/m1guelpf/better-pest
VSCode Snippets logo
VSCode Snippets https://github.com/dansysanalyst/pest-snippets
Neovim (via Neotest) logo
Neovim (via Neotest) https://github.com/V13Axel/neotest-pest

Once the installation process is complete, and your editor is ready, you can learn more about how to write tests visiting the next section of the documentation: Writing Tests →