An elegant PHP
Testing Framework

Pest is a Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity. It was carefully crafted to bring the joy of testing to PHP.

Interfaces that people love

Pest gives you the most beautiful test reporting in the world, straight from the console! Also, the readable errors and stack traces make debugging lightning fast.

Testing can be more productive

Pest makes testing a breeze. Tests are easy to read and understand. Also, it's powered by PHPUnit — just run your current PHPUnit test suite with Pest and it will just work. You won't have to change a thing.

“Pest is minimal, distraction-free, and a joy to use.”

Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Pest becomes the default test runner in PHP in the near future.”

Freek Van der Herten
Package Creator at Spatie

Frequently asked questions

Is Pest Laravel specific?

No — Pest is framework agnostic and it can be used in any PHP project. This project contains several Laravel examples just because the author has a close relationship with the Laravel community.

Can I use my current PHPUnit Test Case classes?

Yes — Pest is a progressive testing framework! You can have both PHPUnit test classes and Pest test files in the same test suite. Also, you can reuse your Test Case classes in Pest test files.

Why should I use Pest?

To make your life easier. Pest is a testing framework built for humans — it's simple, minimal, and elegant. Writing tests doesn't have to be complicated.

Is Pest open source?

Yes — Pest was created by Nuno Maduro under the Sponsorware license. It got open-sourced early 2020 and is now licensed under the MIT license.

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