Requires XDEBUG 2.0+, or PCOV, or PHPDBG.

Code coverage in Pest tells you which lines of code your test suite executes and which lines it doesn’t. Of course, PHPUnit offers you a beautiful section about this topic: Code Coverage Analysis.

If you're running Xdebug you need to make sure that coverage is enabled in Xdebug. The easiest way to do this is to set the XDEBUG_MODE environment variable to coverage before running your tests. e.g. XDEBUG_MODE=coverage ./vendor/bin/pest --coverage

Extra Options

Now, in this section, we are going to see the extra options that Pest offers.


The --coverage option, gives you a human-readable code coverage directly on the console.

1./vendor/bin/pest --coverage


Keep in mind: the percentage displayed concerns the number of lines of source code that has been tested/executed.

The numbers marked in red (if any) relate to the lines not covered by your current test suite, these are displayed using the line numbers. If there are multiple lines without coverage these numbers will be displayed with .. between them. For example, if you are missing coverage on line 52, you will see 52 in red, whereas if there is missing coverage between lines 52 and 60 you will see 52..60.

You can combine this with other coverage options from PHPUnit such as --coverage-xml or --coverage-html.


Of course, you can always combine the --coverage option with the --min option to configure minimum threshold enforcement for coverage results. If the thresholds are not met, Pest will return failure.

1./vendor/bin/pest --coverage --min=90

Coverage Min


By default, the PHPUnit configuration file generated by Pest initialization will include directory coverage for the app and src directories.

Although this covers most libraries and applications, you may need to add more directories to be covered. To do this, you'll need to add a new <directory> element inside the coverage.include section.

If you are experiencing a Coverage not found in path: vendor/pestphp/.temp/coverage.php exception message, for example, if your code is under a lib directory, you'll need to apply the following change to your phpunit.xml.

1<coverage processUncoveredFiles="true">
2 <include>
3 <directory suffix=".php">./app</directory>
4 <directory suffix=".php">./src</directory>
5+ <directory suffix=".php">./lib</directory>
6 </include>

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