CLI Options


The Pest command line runner has many available options that can make your testing experience easier.

Available Options

Pest defers non-Pest-specific options to PHPUnit, so please refer to the PHPUnit command-line test runner documentation for a full list.


This option allows you to initialize a standard Pest configuration, with the following files:

  • A tests directory.
  • A phpunit.xml file that contains the PHPUnit configuration file.
  • A tests/Pest.php file that contains the Pest configuration file.
  • A tests/ExampleTest.php file, with a default example test.


This option enables coverage using the underlying --coverage-php option, and will output the results to the terminals standard output.

You can combine this with other coverage options from PHPUnit such as --coverage-xml or --coverage-html.


This option allows you to set a minimum required coverage value. If the coverage does not meet this value, the test suite will fail.


This option allows you to only run a specific list of grouped tests. This is a comma-separated list.


This option allows you to specify the directory that will be used to gather the tests that should be run. If it isn't provided the default tests directory will be used.


You may use the --ci option to instruct Pest that the test suite is running within a Continuous Integration environment. When provided, this option makes Pest ignore development/local features such as ->only().

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